How to make a child obedient

In the case when a child stops listening to his parents, they are very worried and upset. It's hard to think that a child who has been taught by his father and mother to walk, talk and love begins to gradually live his life, not listen to his elders, act contrary and distance himself in every possible way. How to deal with such a situation, and is it necessary at all? Maybe it's worth letting the child out of control and giving him the will to act on his own?
To raise a child, you need to know a lot, since the process of human formation, character formation needs theoretical reinforcement, in order to control the behavior of children, you need to understand how the child's psyche works. First, you need to admit your own incompetence and imperfection in order to understand that you need to study a lot of relevant literature. You also need to understand that the process of education is not the work of a machine in a factory, there are no ideal mechanisms and recipes here. It is important to constantly try and improve your own skills – to act through experiments.
There are no perfect children and parents. From time to time, children behave capriciously and parents run out of patience, but this does not mean that they do not love each other – it is important to remember that all living people have their own experiences.
A child in kindergarten and school has to obey strict rules and instructions, these institutions are not the places where it is possible to show their will. Therefore, when a child comes home, he can begin to show his independence – only at home he can be himself, without fear of ridicule from peers and sanctions from teachers.
When parents want to deal with this by giving their own instructions, they can be perceived with hostility. Swearing and punishing a child is not worth it – it will rather lead to negative consequences. You need to show a creative streak. For example, giving instructions to a child in a funny funny tone, composing a song or a fairy tale about household chores or other duties, such as cleaning toys.
When a child is angry, you should not become on the same tone with him – this will lead to swearing and conflict. You need to talk calmly and kindly, this will bring the child to his senses, because he does not follow the pattern. It is also important to hear feedback from the child, if the child wants to convey something to the parents, then they should distract themselves and listen to what he says.
It should also be noted that if a parent wants to be treated with respect, then he should respect the child, he is not allowed to publicly punish the child, much less humiliate. This can break the child's bond with the parent for a long time, and it will be very difficult to restore it. To avoid unacceptable things that will be severely punished, they should be designated in advance – so the child will understand what can and cannot be done ever. If he has an understanding of the consequences of his actions, he will think many times before doing something. This fuse will work even when the parents are not around. Melbet promo code you can enjoy a 100% sports bonus of up to 130€/$ and a casino bonus of up to €1750, along with 290 free spins. To take advantage of this offer, make sure to enter the promo code when registering for a new player account with Melbet. While Melbet primarily focuses on sports betting, they also provide a variety of arcade and casino games. The sportsbook caters to an international audience with its website available in 30 different languages. However, it's worth noting that customer support is not available in as many languages.